Welcome to Bartholomew Park

About Bartholomew Park

Bartholomew Park is owned and operated by the Frank H. Bartholomew Foundation, a private non-profit operating foundation. Situated on 375 acres of vineyards, gardens, and forest, the Park is a protected space where the public can enjoy the beauty and history of the land.

The Park is the site of Count Agoston Haraszthy’s original residence and vineyards, considered the birthplace of California’s premium wine industry. With over 160 years of history since the Count purchased the property, the site has seen the rise and fall of its immigrant founder; the creation of the largest winery in America; phylloxera and bankruptcy; the Cat Lady’s Castle; wayward women; a hidden lake; and the Bartholomew resurrection – It all took place here!

Group Policy

Advance reservations are required for groups over 8. The Park will typically not be able to accommodate groups over 8 during peak times. Contact the General Manager to determine availability. The Foundation reserves the right to decline such requests.